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DxOMark announces JMGO Pro 2S camera score, comparable to flagship

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
The picture comes from DxOMark as the first mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip in the Nut series. The Nut Pro 2S uses a 12 million pixel + 5 million pixel dual camera solution. The main camera is a 12-megapixel Sony IMX363 sensor with f/1.8 aperture, with optical image stabilization and dual-pixel autofocus. The JMGO Pro 2S has good exposure and vibrant and fairly neutral colors in the photo, and the color response is very good. When shooting under bright light conditions and indoor shooting conditions, the image shows a beautiful texture and a small amount of brightness noise, and the flash image of the JMGO Pro 2S is usually well exposed. But Pro 2S lacks dynamic range, which means that when shooting high-contrast scenes, the highlight areas will be overexposed and the shadows will lack detail. In addition, there will be a loss of sharpness in some areas. These images can be used for social media or compressed and uploaded to the Internet. There is no problem, but if larger images are needed, the control of details is still not enough. On August 21st, Hammer Technology held the 2018 Summer New Product Launch Conference at the Cadillac Center in Beijing last night. During the conference, it launched a new Nut series product-Nut Pro 2S. At the same time, DxOMark announced the photo score of the Nut Pro 2S, including 95 points for photos, 85 points for videos, and 91 points for comprehensive scores. Second only to iPhone 8. Let us take a look at DxOMark's evaluation of the Nut Pro 2S. In terms of portrait blur, JMGO Pro 2S uses its auxiliary lens to sense depth and create artificial blur modes. At this point, the JMGO Pro 2S does a very good job. In a static environment, the foreground subject and the background are separated very well, but on moving objects, it is easy to become blurred. Picture from DxOMark Nut Pro 2S can provide stable imaging performance. Images and video clips mainly show good exposure and color and good detail/noise trade-off. If you can accept minor issues such as substandard zoom performance, the Nut Pro 2S may be a good choice for mobile photography enthusiasts. All rights reserved, no reprint without permission
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