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Double-layer PET protective film, TV screen protective film manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-07
The double-layer PET protective film is made of PET as the base material (polyester film), coated with acrylic glue series on one side and laminated with silicon release film. The product has good stability and the glue is not easy to stick after high and low temperatures. Change, good temperature resistance, easy to punch; application range of double-layer PET protective film: used for electronic product manufacturing and processing protection, suitable for plastic panel protection, such as plastic surface (matte plastic, matte plastic), aluminum plate, inscription The composite material of board industry products does not leave any residual glue after tearing up. The special adhesive of this series has excellent initial adhesion. a. Non-reflective, and can enhance the color reproduction of the LCD screen; b. Weak adhesiveness, using physical absorption, can be reused after cleaning; c. It can effectively absorb direct collisions and protect your LCD display properly. Screen to prevent the stylus from abrading the LCD screen.
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