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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-10
Mobile phone protective film tempered glass inspection specifications and criteria 1. Appearance inspection 1. There are obvious gaps in the four peripheral corners of the notched glass or the corners of the holes 2. The four peripheral corners of the sand-edge glass or the corners of the holes have obvious bar-shaped teeth 3. Scratch the glass surface and the release film surface 4. Concave and convex points generated by the AB glue surface of the crystal point 5. The bubble generated by the bonding between the bubble AB glue and the glass and the bubble generated by the peeling of the release film 6. The edge of the white-edge glass film cannot be attached to the real machine or flat glass. 7. Small foreign matter generated by the adhesion between the impurity AB glue and the glass. 8. When the misaligned AB glue is applied to the tempered film, the edges are not aligned and the glue is exposed. Phenomenon 9. Anti-impact Put the tempered glass film in the fixture, 33g steel ball 60cm height, drop the ball to the center of the glass to test the fingerprint oil effect once with #0000 steel wool, 1000g pressure, 40 times/min, do 1500 rubbings, 2cm*2cm grinding head 10. Surface hardness. Paste the glass film on the test board, choose a Sanling 9H pencil, cut the pen core into a cylindrical shape and grind it flat on 400 grit sandpaper, and install it on On the dedicated pencil hardness tester, apply 1000g along the direction of 0t,°, and move the pencil forward about 4-5cm for a total of 5 strokes, and then wipe the pencil marks clean with an eraser. 11. Light transmittance Place the unused glass on the left side of the test instrument for testing. For the oleophobic test, use an oil-based pen to randomly draw on the surface of the tempered glass and wipe it with a dust-free cloth. 12. The bending degree and tempering effect requirements: the fixed side is parallel to the angle ruler , Break the other end of the product with your hand, with the glass facing outwards. 2. Reliability testing 1. Impact testing 2. Fingerprints have no effect 3. Surface hardness 4. Light transmittance 5. Rainbow pattern 6. Oleophobic test 7. Sensitivity mobile phone protection Membrane Tempered Membrane Factory Optical Material Co., Ltd., from material selection to shape design, has meticulously crafted every detail to create fashionable and creative mobile phone tempered film accessories for mobile phones. The company provides customers with OEM orders and ODM orders, production and processing of mobile phone hot bending tempered film. The company has strategic cooperation with many well-known mobile phone manufacturers, and its products are more popular in Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other overseas countries. It is an excellent mobile phone tempered film manufacturer in the industry. .
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