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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-11
When buying a protective film, are you in a dilemma about which protective film to choose? Don't worry, today I will tell you what kind of protective film is a good protective film.  The materials of the protective film are many and varied. We will not give examples one by one here. Let's take the three-layer PET protective film as an example. The name of the three-layer PET protective film is actually derived from its material PET. Our common PET high-pressure spray gun protective film has to be treated with hardness, so when measuring the quality of this kind of protective film, there are the following types Standard:   1. The light transmission effect. If the light transmission effect is better, the better the material is. The light transmission effect cannot be seen with your eyes, but a special instrument-3M photometer is needed.  2. The surface hardening degree of the protective film represents the degree to which the protective film of the stepless uv power supply curing equipment will be scratched when it is scratched. The higher the degree of curing, the higher the degree of scratch prevention.  3. Take a look at the adsorption of the protective film. If the protective film discharges air faster, it means that its adsorption capacity is stronger.  4. Observe whether the protective film has crystal dots or rainbow patterns. If there are, the more the problem is, the greater the problem, so try not to choose a protective film with these problems.
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