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Dongguan mobile phone protective film, screen protective film factory

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-10
Where do Dongguan mobile phone protective film manufacturers have? ? ? ? Mobile phone protective film manufacturers are mainly engaged in electronic product screen protective films and well-known electronic digital peripheral accessories. Currently, it has a factory building of more than 4,500 square meters and more than 100 employees and technicians. We have first-class equipment and mature technology. The company has been in a stable and rapid development state for many years since its establishment. So far, our products have covered many provinces and cities across the country with their excellent quality and service. Based in Hong Kong and Dongguan, covering the whole of China, it enjoys a high reputation throughout the country and is well received by customers. Business scope: protective film: mobile phone protective film, computer protective film, screen protective film, notebook protective film, mobile phone protective film: high-definition protective film, frosted protective film, diamond protective film, color diamond film, skin texture color film, mirror film, anti Peep film, anti-myopia film, local gold film, transparent edge sticker, flash diamond film, tempered glass film, cartoon film screen protection film: mobile phone screen protection film, LCD screen protection film, scratch-resistant screen protection film, computer screen protection film, Notebook screen protective film, Apple mobile phone computer screen protective film insulation series: MYLAR, PC, PVC, PP, KAPTON, NOMAX tape series: DIC, 3M, TESA, SONY, NITTO
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