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Don't rush to buy a new one. Three ways to make your charging cable another year-Charging-Fast Technology (Media under Drivehome)-Technology Reform

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-31
Before the beginning of this article, I would like to tell you a good Dragon Boat Festival. Many Apple users have experienced such troubles. The data cable of Apple mobile phones will crack after a period of time, and then gradually break down. Now, my Apple phone cable is cracking as expected. I looked at the Huabei bill that just came out. I also looked at the original data cable of nearly 150 yuan on Apple’s official website. I decided to fix it myself and help you organize it by the way. The protection and repair method of the apple line will make your apple line fight for another year. Since my Apple data cable has been cracked, the method I chose is to repair it with a heat-shrinkable tube. The performance of the heat-shrinkable tube is the same as its name. It will shrink when heated, and it is also used to repair the cracked data cable. It's very simple. Buy a heat-shrinkable tube, cover the cracked part of the Apple data cable, and then slowly heat it with a candle. After the slow contraction, the cracked part of the data cable can be repaired. The outer layer of the heat-shrinkable tube has the characteristics of insulation and wear resistance, and the inner layer has high viscosity and good waterproof and sealing. In this way, the safety of the apple cable used for charging can be guaranteed. The main heat-shrinkable tube is also cheap. A certain treasure can be purchased for a few dollars, and it is also available for free shipping, or you can easily buy it at a nearby hardware store. When it comes to hardware stores, I think of another material for repairing apple wires, that is, electrical tape. Electrical tape has its unique advantages. Not only is it convenient to buy, but it is also easy to repair. Just use a pair of scissors to cut out the appropriate length. , And then wind a few times around the damaged part of the apple wire. If you feel that the winding is not strong enough, you can cut a section of the cover and wind it a few times. Remember, you must use electrical tape to repair the cracked and damaged Apple data cable, not ordinary scotch tape. Hot-melt glue stick is also an option to repair the apple cable. After heating with a candle, the solid hot-melt glue stick will become viscous, and then evenly cover the cracked part of the apple data cable. After waiting for two minutes, it will become In a solid state, it can still maintain the original toughness, but after the repair, uneven coverage may occur and affect the aesthetics. If you want to cover beautifully after repairing, something called repair universal silicone is a good choice. Using it to repair broken apple threads is like pinching plasticine. It is very convenient to cover the damaged area, but you have to wait. It takes 30 minutes for the preliminary shape to be finalized. It takes 24 hours to wait for it to be firmly fixed together with the apple wire. It is worthwhile to wait for a long time. The repaired apple wire is still flexible. After talking about these several repair methods, I think everyone knows a lot. However, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. If your apple cable is not damaged, or there is just a sign of damage, you must pay attention when using it. Although the internal quality of the apple cable is good, the protective rubber on the outside is really fragile. Apple's data cable is easy to break, and it has a lot to do with Apple devices, especially the iPhone, which has a small battery capacity. It is unavoidable to plug in the charging cable for charging every time you play games. In this way, the Apple data cable and the data cable connector can easily be folded into 90 ° angle, even more fold. So when charging and playing with your mobile phone, try to avoid bending the Apple charging cable, so that your Apple cable can last longer. There is also a very common bad use situation. Every time we store the charging cable, we tend to wrap it in the school bag and then pull it out randomly. This is also very harmful to the charging cable, and it is easy to do Torn apart. Therefore, when you want to carry the apple cable, you must wrap it up, and then tie it with a Velcro cable management strap. You can also use a rubber band if you don’t have a cable management strap. This is not only convenient for the next use, but also can well protect the apple cable. . For those who cannot avoid folding the charging cable, there is a magical little thing called an Apple data cable protective cover. Buy it back, first clamp the wire with the middle part, and then fix it with the outer side, and then it can be stuck on the top of the apple wire, and the force on the apple wire can be dispersed when bending, which can avoid the joint when bending There is damage. If you don't want to spend extra money on this, you can achieve the same effect without buying a data cable protective cover, just a push ballpoint pen. We can take out the spring inside the ballpoint pen, and then carefully wrap it around the connector of the Apple data cable. The effect is the same as the data cable protective sleeve. It can also disperse the strength of the broken line when it is bent, but 'sacrifice' a ballpoint pen. Similar to the above two methods of dispersing strength, there is another method that only a handy person can do, which is to weave a protective cover on the Apple cable, which can not only prevent the Apple cable from being damaged when it is bent, but also protect your data. The line plays a certain degree of beautification, which is really two birds with one stone, but I can only worship this approach. If the above methods can't make your Apple cable work for another year, then I have one last option, which is to buy an official Apple data cable. After all, the official MFi-certified cable is safer. Of course, you can also buy a third-party line, but the sports cars are all bought, and 98 gasoline is not added, which affects the experience very much. Today, I have summarized several methods for repairing or protecting the data cable. In fact, the summary is that the protection is the main and the repair is the supplement, so that the easy-to-break Apple cable can accompany you to fight for another year. After reading this article, I wonder if you feel that you have gained a lot? If you get it, you might as well recommend it to your friends!
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