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Domestic mobile phones are at the stage of making up for their shortcomings

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-11
The market leader has been eroded. The conditions for domestic brands to enter the high-end market have been preliminarily met. The expansion of the share of domestic smartphones in my country, from chips to Ru0026D, design, testing, manufacturing, branding, and after-sales services, is expected to break the voice of Apple and Samsung.   However, as the leading domestic brands are making efforts to catch up with Samsung and Apple, the low-end and mid-range markets they rely on are also facing catching-up by others.  Recall that it was the close cooperation with operators in the special category of thousand-yuan smart phones that allowed the 'China Cool Alliance' to rapidly increase the volume and rank among the first-line domestic brands, laying the current dominant position. However, nowadays, many domestic brands following closely behind, especially some emerging brands that claim to have 'Internet genesThe configuration is higher, with the advantage of cost-effectiveness, they have also stood firm and began to cannibalize the territories of local leading brands.  The prelude to a new round of reshuffle   The superficial prosperity of the hidden crisis, this scene is very similar to the situation of the Chinese mobile phone market at the beginning of this century. At that time, it was also the spring of domestic mobile phone brands. Domestic mobile phone brands represented by Bird, TCL, Amoi, Kejian, Panda, etc. were very energetic, and their market share had surpassed those of Nokia, Motorola and other foreign brands that were still booming at the time.   However, the good times did not last long. Only a few years later, due to technical and product shortcomings, in the face of counterattacks from foreign brands, local brands failed. Nowadays, the Big Four of 'China Cool Alliance' have gradually made up many shortcomings, and their overall competitiveness has been improved. At the same time, the release of high-frequency mobile phone models also provides them with more possibilities to enter more market segments. However, their This breakthrough will have a huge impact on domestic small brands.
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