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Do you want to upgrade IOS10.0?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
After posting on 06.28 IOS9.0, within a year, IOS10.0 struck. So, should IOS10.0 be upgraded? Friends who want to try something new, must take a good look at this tip~ Method/Step Of course, due to the testing of the new system, there must be many instabilities and many BUGs, and there may be some lag problems in 6 and 6s, so Upgrade hypocritical. 1 There are eight new functions. 1. Anti-harassment. This feature is unique to Chinese users. Because Apple and Tencent have cooperated to specifically add anti-harassment features to IOS10, the incoming call will prompt whether it is marketing, harassment or advertising calls, which is very practical. 2 2. IOS10 canceled the sliding unlock design, and directly used the HOME key to unlock, and there will be more abundant notification messages on the lock screen page, which is worth looking forward to. 3 3. Control center. The sliding control center is divided into two pages, left and right, in addition to the more beautiful pages and buttons, which is more user-friendly and practical. 4 4. The pre-installed applications can be hidden. Many friends have found that the pre-installed apps will show a cross after clicking them for a long time, and then they can be deleted. In fact, the deletion here is not really deleted, but hidden. 5 5. The humanized functions of iMessage have been improved. For example, text automatically transfers to emoji, supports rich links to directly open pictures or videos, supports handwriting graffiti and interacts with Apple Watch, and even integrates a WeChat-like transfer function due to the cooperation between Apple and Tencent. 6 Sixth, a smarter siri. In IOS10, Siri can directly control the app, which is a third-party application, which means that you can read WeChat messages and call Didi through Siri, which greatly increases the practicality. 7 7. Smart photo album. In addition to facial recognition and scenes, it can also automatically create an index like Google Photos, and perform advanced keyword searches, and the new memory function is also very effective. 8
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