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Do you want to have a technician for iPhone Repairs

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-10

Process of repairing

When all the equipment is assembled, switch off the iPhone and undo the 2 screws placed at the other end of the Lightning port. Utilize the 5-point screwdriver for this reason. When unscrewed, you can now evacuate the broken display. Place the suction measuring on the home bind while your other hand holds the phone. Pull the glass upwards, applying force bit by bit. Don't pull the screen off immediately as there are a few links joined to it, which can easily be harmed. On the other hand, if the screen is split seriously, the suction measure will not demonstrate effective. You will require a sharp blade or a pry device in this case. Begin from the lowest part of any side of the home bind and utilize your apparatus to make an opening between the screen and the edge. Work your method all through the figure until the screen is divided. You likewise need to be watchful while doing this to avoid damage to the phone.

Repairing the LCD

Next you will open the display board. The links mentioned above are hidden from view in light of a silver blanket, which is held set up by 3 screws. Bring in your Phillips screwdriver to unwind them. Lift the shield and utilize a pry apparatus to disconnect the links. Presently you can totally uproot the digitizer and LCD. Do the same with the display shield by using the Philips screwdriver to evacuate the 8 screws and afterward a pry apparatus to lift the shield. When the shield is off, you need to uproot the earpiece gathering, the front Polaroid, and the sensor link. These might be uprooted by applying little force.

Things to consider:

iPhone 5 Parts are very sensitive to handle. Take a good care while doing this work. Next you need to evacuate the iPhone Home button shield. It has two screws on either side which might be unscrewed with the Philips screwdriver. Begin lifting up the catch shield from the left side yet don't confine totally, as you first need to uproot some adhesive on the other side.


As with any repair, the author cannot be held responsible for any damage you may do to your iPhone 5. The reader/user must be aware that opening up your device to perform any repair can and will void your Apple warranty. If you don't feel comfortable opening your iPhone 5, don't do it. Use extreme care and caution while performing a repair on your iPhone.

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