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Disassembly of Apple MagSafe back-clamp mobile power supply: dual-cell design, no screws

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-01
Not long ago, Apple released the MagSafe back-clamp mobile power bank, the official price is 749 yuan, and will start shipping this week. Now, ChargerLAB got MagSafe right away and shared the dismantling video on YouTube, revealing more details. The disassembled MagSafe reveals the magnet + coil body, where the coil is used to detect the distance between the iPhone and MagSafe, and another layer of coil acts as an NFC antenna, responsible for communicating with the iPhone, and used to trigger animations and battery indicators. In terms of battery specifications, two batteries are connected in series, and a single battery is 1460mAh. Special attention is that the MagSafe back clamp battery assembly does not use screws, it is not easy to disassemble, and it may not be restored after disassembly, so it is generally not recommended to try it lightly.
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