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Disassembly comparison between Apple 30W charger A1882 and Apple 29W charger A1540

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-18
The 30W model is A1882, the output specifications are 5V3A, 9V3A, 15V2A, 20V1.5A; and the 29W model is A1540, the output specifications are 5.2V2.4A, 14.5V2.0A, and there are only 2 gears. The above is the main difference in appearance of the two chargers. Next, let's look at the internal materials and workmanship of the two chargers. 1. Disassembly of Apple 30W USB PD Charger Violently disassemble the shell. The whole area is copper-clad to enhance heat dissipation, and glue is applied inside the shell to help heat conduction. This kind of cooling configuration is generally only seen on high-power notebook power supplies. Live wire, neutral wire, and ground wire. Torx screw fixed inside the ground wire. Black insulating tape. The copper sheet is completely wrapped. Tear off the heat-shrinkable tube, close-up of the wire welding point, pass through the opening, and weld firmly. Take out the copper sheet as a whole. The internal circuit is designed with two PCBs and fixed with a plastic shell. The primary circuit board is covered with a plastic cover for insulating support. Secondary rectifier output circuit. USB-C output plug-in, two capacitors in parallel are responsible for output filtering. The live wire pins are protected by heat shrinkable tubes, and the insulating sheet is slotted on the fuse pins and fixed with glue. Here, the two wires are also fixed on the inner insulating parts with glue, and the craftsmanship is exquisite. Separate the insulating cover between the two circuit boards. While everyone was focusing on Apple's 18W USB PD charger, Apple quietly put on a 30W USB PD charger after the WWDC 2018 developer conference. At the same time, the original 29W USB PD has also been removed, which means that this 30W charger replaces the original 29W charger. Through the previous comparison of the charging head network, it is found that the two chargers differ greatly in product performance in addition to the models, parameters, and shell manufacturing processes. For example, the compatibility of mobile phones, mobile power supplies, etc., and the output voltage when charging the New MacBook are different. Today, the charging head network will make a detailed comparison of the internals of the two chargers, so that everyone has a clearer understanding of the differences in the materials and workmanship of the two chargers. The left is the new 30W, and the right is the old 29W. The sizes of the two are exactly the same, with only a slight difference in appearance. The main differences are: shell, interface, AC plug, voltage gear, etc. The 29W shell on the right is one piece, while the new 30W adapter on the left is welded together by two halves. In addition, the USB-C interface is slightly different. Two 35V 33μF ruby u200bu200bcapacitors and a daily chemical KXJ electrolytic capacitor, with a withstand voltage of 400V 39μF, with a Y capacitor standing in the middle, which also has an insulator. From this angle, you can see the input common mode inductance, fuse, and varistor. The 400V 39μF input filter electrolytic capacitor of KXJ series of Japan Black King Kong, the transformer is Sumida foundry. There is also a cable on the side of the fuse connected to the output circuit board. Compared with the traditional charger, there is an extra film capacitor, which will be discussed below. Y capacitor close-up. On the back of the circuit board, this power supply is inconsistent with our common power supply architecture. It is an ACF active clamp structure. FLUT12A2060 is the primary master control IC of Infineon. It is a customized model and is packaged in PG-DSO-12. Due to the LLC structure, there are two Infineon switch tubes. Infineon Infineon IPL65R1K5C6S details. IPL65R650C6S, all belong to Infineon CoolMOS C6 series. Two tubes form an ACF active clamp structure to improve efficiency. The ThinPAK packaged MOSFET has a thickness of only 1mm. Compared with the common TO220/252 package, the size is greatly reduced, and the power density of the adapter can be improved. It is especially suitable for the design of small adapters. On the front of the USB-C small board, you can see that the cable of the other board is connected to the optocoupler. Continue to see that there are components in the middle of the capacitor. ON Semiconductor synchronous rectifier controller, this model is not in the product list, it is a customized model. ON Semiconductor's FDMS86201 synchronous rectifier tube, here you can see that the PCB is made of gold. 120V withstand voltage, 49A, 11.5mΩ.
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