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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
Mobile phone protective film direct sales, leading in the protective film industry, and considerate service for screen protectors. There has been a long-standing dispute about whether or not to stick the film on the mobile phone. The first thing after the mobile phone is to apply a film to the mobile phone. Some people think that the mobile phone film will affect the eyesight, but if you do not apply it, you are afraid that it will scratch the screen and leave scars. Although sticking a mobile phone protective film protects the phone, it reduces the screen clarity, which is likely to cause dizziness and blurred vision to the 'ownerInferior mobile phone film is easy to refract the light of the mobile phone screen, especially when the screen is not illuminated, it is difficult to see the font clearly. Therefore, the ciliary muscle is often in a state of tension. Over time, myopia will form and even worsen. . So what kind of film can not affect eyesight? When choosing a mobile phone protective film, light transmittance is the first factor to consider. Even the best film transmittance cannot reach 100%. At present, the highest light transmittance is optical glass, which is only about 97%, while the transmittance of PET protective film can generally reach 90%, and some high-transmittance films can reach 95%. Since the mobile phone protective film is less than 100%, it will definitely reduce the brightness and display effect of the mobile phone screen, thereby affecting vision
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