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Diamond PET protective film prices, supply PET protective film manufacturers

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-30
Teach you to see if the diamond PET protective film is qualified. 1. The surface is specially processed to prevent reflection, high hardness to prevent scratches and wear resistance. 3H2. Silicone composite layer as an adhesive can prevent the formation of bubbles, and it is exhaustive. Best, best for repeated use, it could have been washed before use. 3. It can be pasted repeatedly without leaving any traces and does not corrode the surface. The used layer has good toughness and is not easy to damage. 4. The light transmittance is 88%, no rainbow pattern, non-reflective, anti-ultraviolet, and it is decorated like diamonds under strong light. 5. It can effectively absorb part of the direct collision to protect the display screen. 6. It can effectively prevent the abrasion of brush strokes. The diamond PET protective film maintains high transparency and uses special silica gel, which does not produce bubbles, sparkles under the sun or strong light. It is decorated like diamonds, which is eye-catching and uses anti-scratch treatment. The combination of diamond film and IPAD will surely create a new trend of fashion and avant-garde. Mobile phones, laptops, cameras, Sony game consoles, Nintendo liquid consoles, PDAs and other LCD screen protection use!
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