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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-29
The diamond film uses special nano-luminescent materials to reflect external light sources from all angles, so light of the same brightness can be emitted from all directions. In the sun or light, the LCD screen with diamond film has a diamond-like embellishment effect, glittering, eye-catching without affecting the screen display, no bubbles are generated during use, and the exhaust speed is significant. The diamond film is technically made of special silica gel and added with anti-scratch function. The diamond film is used in all kinds of mobile phones, and the electric diamond film has diamond embellishment. Under normal lighting, it will sparkle, eye-catching and present the most luxurious scene , When the background light of the mobile phone is on, the protective sticker will have a high-definition transparent effect. Illuminated with a strong flashlight or placed in the sun to view from the side, the diamond film will look like white LED lights hung on a tree in the city at night under the strong light. Each particle is large and shining, with brilliant stars. The sense of reality is very strong.
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