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Detailed step by step description-Guangzhou protective film material manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-01
Part 1: Tear the film. Before talking about how to paste the old film, explain how to tear off the unsatisfactory film. The key is to tear off a new part of the transparent glue, press it firmly on the screen, and then slowly take it up. The whole film. The second part: the old film that is torn off from the washing film needs to be washed before re-attaching it. Add distilled water to the small plate and put the old film in with tweezers. Be sure to identify the front and back of the film, and gently wipe the film with a cotton ball. Of veneers. After washing, the film is slightly drained and the veneer is blown dry with a hair dryer. Finally, use transparent glue to gently glue the surface again. In this step, you must carefully use a little more transparent glue, and try to clean it with fresh transparent glue. 1. Wash your hands and dry them. 2. Wipe the screen completely aside with a flannel. 3. Use the new film that has not been torn off and determine the remaining amount of the film under the screen protector to determine the most suitable position. 4. Gently stick the screen with the sticky side of the transparent glue to make sure that there are no particles of dust and fine hair. If necessary, you can do this step again before the formal filming. 5. To tear the new film, don't tear it open about 1.5cm. 6. The beginning of the upper film is very important. Many films with a large margin are easy to stick crookedly. If the first stick is not straight, it can only be re-attached. Whether the position of the film is 1cm in length is often critical. 7. While tearing open the remaining film, push on the outer layer of the film with a hard card. Make sure that there are no bubbles left in the film. There are two reasons for the generation of bubbles. One is that the quality of the film is not good. It is very rare that it is uneven, and the other is that the screen or the veneer of the film has a lot of fine hair and dust. Because of the second reason. 8. Slowly and patiently paste the complete film slowly, some small bubbles on the edge need to be pushed out forcefully to be removed.
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