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Cry dizzy! Google was fined 34 billion yuan because of the pitfall of the Android system!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
If the rectification fails to meet the standards, Google will face 5% of the annual turnover of its parent company Alphabet after 90 days. Every editor noticed that according to 2017 revenue figures, this means that Google may be fined 5.5 billion euros (about 43 billion yuan) in 3 months. ? Only in 2017, the EU fined Google 2.42 billion euros. This American technology giant has frequently encountered the European Union's 'ruthless hands? The highest fine in history is released? In response to the Google Android monopoly case, the European Commission officially announced today that it will impose a fine of 4.34 billion euros (about 5.04 billion US dollars) on Google. The high fine of US$5 billion is equivalent to the budget that the Netherlands contributes to the European Union each year, and it is also higher than the antitrust fines issued by the antitrust authorities of the United States, China or other countries. In addition to fines, the EU also gave Google a 90-day grace period to stop its 'illegal behavior' in the EU. The European Union determined in April 2016 that Google had abused its dominant position in the European mobile market and imposed unfair restrictions on Android device manufacturers and network operators. For example, forcing mobile phone manufacturers to pre-install Google services, thereby shutting out competitors. ? The browser market share data for May this year released by the research organization NetMarketShare shows that the Google Chrome browser market share is far ahead, reaching 60.98%, followed by Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox FireFox. In April, Google Chrome browser market share was even higher, reaching 61.69%. ? Google’s critics believe that Google’s high market share of Chrome is related to the “exclusiveness” of Android. In the field of mobile phone operating systems, Google's Android is the absolute king, with a market share far exceeding the second-ranked iOS system. ? However, 'the tree attracts the windOn July 18, local European time, the European Commission announced a fine against Google, with a fine of up to 4.34 billion euros (approximately 33.9 billion yuan). This fine is not only the highest fine ever imposed on a high-tech company in the history of the European Union, it has never been so severely punished in the United States, China, and Japan. ? However, this is not the scariest. ? The European Commission gave Google a 90-day 'grace period' to correct its current 'violations.' EU Antitrust Commissioner Margaret Vestag stated: “Google uses Android as a tool to strengthen its dominance in the search market. This behavior limits competitors’ ability to compete and innovate.” 6 last year In September, the European Union has already made a ruling on the Google Shopping monopoly. Because Google favors its own service Google Shopping in search results, it has imposed a fine of 2.42 billion euros. ? Regarding the European Union's decision on fines made on the 18th, Google has stated that it will appeal the ruling. Google spokesperson Alvini said: 'Android provides more choices for everyone, rather than restricting choices. We will appeal the European Commission's ruling.'? The European Union against US technology companies? ? For American technology companies, the EU Antitrust Investigation Commission's 'swordsmanship' can draw a very long list. Looking at the antitrust fines issued to technology companies in the history of the European Union, the top ones with the highest amounts are all against US companies: Google’s 'sweeping' fines are the top two, and Intel, Microsoft, and Facebook are ranked 3-6. Amazon has also been subject to EU antitrust investigations. ?Then ask the other way around: When did US regulators investigate European technology companies? When was a lawsuit initiated because of the dominance of European technology companies? The answer is, never. ? This phenomenon is obviously related to the lack of influential Internet giants in Europe. The European Commission’s Antitrust Commissioner Margaret Vestag once insisted that this series of incidents was just a coincidence and that the EU did not specifically target US technology companies. She once said in an interview with Bloomberg: 'This just shows that there are many powerful companies in the United States that have had an important impact on the digital market in other places.' Europe has a developed economy, a high-quality workforce, and a strong scientific education institution. There is no doubt in history. There have also been countless major inventions. However, in the era of mobile Internet, the European Union's innovative competitiveness has lag far behind China and the United States. ? German Brandenburg is known as the 'father of MP3 formatAfter that, the EU Internet industry has no more technological innovations that affect the world. ? Danish economist Kirkgarde pointed out that European innovation faces both technical and structural obstacles. Small-scale venture capital and strict labor laws have restricted local growth. ? In Europe, losers will carry a heavier burden, which restricts them from carrying out high-risk Ru0026D activities. European bankruptcy laws are more punitive. In contrast, in the United States, bankruptcies have become accustomed to many successful entrepreneurs. 'In Europe, failure is seen as a personal tragedy; in the United States, it has become a medal of honor. In an environment like Europe, it is impossible to encourage people to take risks and it is difficult to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit.'
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