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Cook said that within ten years or will leave, who will become Apple's next CEO?

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-30
Since Cook took over Apple from Jobs and became the successor CEO in August 2011, this year is exactly the tenth year of Cook's tenure. Since Cook took over Apple from Jobs and became the successor CEO in August 2011, this year happens to be the tenth year of Cook's tenure. In the ten years when Cook took over Apple as CEO, he has always inevitably compared him with Jobs. It is often complained by fruit fans who lack innovation and do not understand product design, and have been eating 'Jobs' legacy.' But it is undeniable that Cook’s contribution to Apple is still huge. In this short ten years, Apple, which had a market value of US$400 billion at the time, was transferred to today’s 2 trillion Apple mobile phones. According to foreign media. According to reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked in an interview recently whether he would work at Apple for another ten years. He said that his time at Apple may not be another ten years. Many people speculated that Cook is very likely. Will choose to step down after launching Apple's electric car or AR glasses. This also means that Apple will change the helm in the past few years. It is still unclear who will succeed Cook as the next CEO. Foreign media have speculated on this. Among Apple’s current core executives, there are 3 popular candidates, namely Craig Federigi and Greg Joe. Zjoswiak and Jeff Williams. Age may be an important factor. Craig Federigi, who is the senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, is the youngest person to be selected. He is also one of the important executives to take the stage for important events such as Apple’s press conference and the Global Developers Conference. Even if Cook takes the post again Apple's CEO for 10 years, then the 62-year-old Federigi will still be competent.
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