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Color sticker protective film for mobile phone is not good-mobile phone protective film factory

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-02
The current protective film market reflects that there is a double-sided color film that not only protects the screen, but also sticks to the entire body, and is beautiful without increasing the thickness. If the Apple mobile phone uses this kind of color sticker protective film, is it good? According to this situation, is this kind of color sticker protective film better or a traditional protective cover? I think it should be a double-sided color sticker protective film. Because it can protect the entire phone, it is much better than a screen protector. But it can’t be cushioned, just a protective cover. The protective cover protects the phone, but it can’t protect the screen. It will increase the thickness of the phone and prevent scratches in other parts of the phone. It has a cushioning effect. So, in this case, in the final analysis, it depends on personal preference. Some people like to protect the screen, and some people like to protect the entire mobile phone. As the so-called turnip greens, each has its own love. Inorganic fiber electrical protective film can be roughly divided into three categories: single crystal fiber, short fiber and continuous fiber. According to its crystal phase, it can be divided into four types: single crystal, polycrystalline, amorphous and multiphase. Single crystal fiber is also called whisker. It has no lattice defects and high tensile strength. It is an ideal substance as a high-strength composite material and reinforcing material, and does not affect its properties with temperature changes. Short fiber is a variety that has been researched and developed, and it is also a variety with a large amount of variety. It can be used as a light-weight material for heat insulation, sound insulation and filtration. Continuous fiber is also called long fiber. It is an eye-catching inorganic fiber, except for carbon fiber and glass. In addition to fibers, alumina fibers and silicon carbide fibers are the most valued. In particular, alumina fiber has the advantage of excellent tensile strength at high temperatures. It can be combined with glass, ceramics or gold to make composite materials and has a wide range of uses.
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