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Coated protective film to protect eyes-Guangzhou Electronics Factory

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-29
Now the more high-quality mobile phone protective films are anti-static. When we choose a screen protector, it’s best not to choose one that contains glue, because this glue-containing screen protector will turn yellow after a long time, and it will melt, so it will be more difficult to remove it. If you want to change the screen protector The membrane will be more troublesome. Moreover, after such a glue-containing screen protective film is removed, glue remains on the screen, which is difficult to remove. However, there are still grades of anti-static screen protectors. The price of the anti-static screen protection film is determined by the main installation size and the grade of the screen protection film. The editor here tells you a common sense that most people don't know. Really good anti-static screen protection film does not require high adhesion environment at all, but it will be more convenient and less dusty to paste the screen protection film in a relatively humid environment. This is also a reference direction to tell if the screen protector you bought is good. At present, there are some optically coated screen protective films on the market. This kind of screen protective film has a good effect on the anti-reflective direction. The AG optically coated screen protective film has a good anti-radiation effect and can diffuse light. Open, so that it will basically not make our eyes feel tired quickly. Not only that, this kind of screen protector can also take into account the visual effect, making us look like we have not pasted a screen protector. Can protect eyes.
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