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Check the balance of postal card by SMS

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posting on 04.28, it is simple and quick to check the balance of the postal bank card by mobile phone SMS (the mobile phone number must be bound to the postal card to be queried). Method/Steps First, we turn on the mobile phone and find the SMS button 1 on the interface. Click the postal service. If there is none, you can add it. The postal service number is 95580. 2 The detailed content of the SMS is shown in the figure. The 4 digits behind YECX+**** are yourself The last 4 digits of the post card. 3 Wait for the SMS to reply after sending. The text message has come, click to open it. 4 The content of the balance inquiry sent by the postal service number is shown in the figure. . . 5
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