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Can you draw the Apple logo right? Can you draw the logo of Apple?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-13
These signs are painted on paper, and mistakes abound. Some of the drawings show the general appearance, but there are some errors in details, such as drawing the bite mark in the wrong place or drawing two pedicles on the apple. Others painted the logo completely wrong, some painted a flat grenade, and others looked like a Pepsi logo. However, this study shows that this kind of 'eye blindness' is not limited to when drawing the Apple logo-when these students are asked to select the correct Apple logo from a set of similar icons, only 47% of the students choose The right sign. In this test, users of Apple products had a slightly higher accuracy rate than other computer users, but the scientists who conducted this study said there was no significant difference in the success rates of the two groups.   News on March 12, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, the Apple logo is a masterpiece. Its appearance is exquisite and elegant. Without words, this logo can represent the computer brand and show its quality. However, according to a study by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles last month, few people can fully remember what this sign looks like. Scientists at this university asked 85 students to draw Apple’s logo from their memory. 89% of these students are users of Apple products. Only 7 people can draw the iconic Apple icon without making big mistakes. Only one person draws completely correct. It is impossible to fully remember the well-known images and signs. Scientists have observed this phenomenon before-a similar study in the 1970s found that people cannot recall what the pattern on a cent coin is. . However, scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles said that this new study is different. The research and test Apple logo frequently appears in advertisements. People will constantly notice this icon, and the logo is specially designed to make it easy to recognize. People will use a one-cent coin, but there is no need to observe the characteristics of the coin at close range; the Apple logo can be seen everywhere in daily life, and the icon is designed to be easy to notice. On the contrary, scientists believe that the reason why these students can’t remember the Apple logo is due to “saturation of attention”, causing them to have a kind of “inattentive memory loss”-the simple and ubiquitous logo makes people no longer pay attention to its details. Because their brain cells tell them this is unnecessary. This study believes that under the condition of purposeful learning, people can remember and draw the logo of Apple, but if there is no need for such learning, we only need to know that there is such a logo. Our brains are used to recognizing various images. They use an 'efficient and suitable memory system' to avoid storing unnecessary information.
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