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Before we look at the reasons of not using Mandriva

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-11

The first reason: There are many users of Mandriva who weren't very pleased while installing the latest version last year. Though we can find the interface pretty cool and effective, however, it resembled more or less like the interfaces discovered in the OS like Meego or Android. So when we install this OS, you will certainly encounter some major problems which will unnerve you depending upon the machine we have.

If you have better devices, then its fine, otherwise trying with some laptop with an ATI GPU you will find the whole business taking a big pause without showcasing any virtual terminal. Even though trying with installer like (F6 or F7 or F8 and so on), we cannot expect things to work. Hence I can certainly find this OS a major failure with things like these or rather a big flaw in this system.

The second reason: Another issue which we can notice is while setting up cryst-setpup which fails to install or simply allow you to click use and get the access. This is certainly the other big flaw in the system which will not allow you get through. Hence we have no option but to do thing manually by simply rebooting the installation procedure and create a root partition to do the whole business again on our own.

The third reason: When we talk about the boot time for this OS, I was really surprised to see thing taking a long time of around 213 seconds which means that you need a total 3 minutes 33 seconds. This is one of the longest ever boot time in any USB based live run. In fact twice the time we see in the next fixed outcome. Once we see the booting happening, I was really surprised to see a window square icon having some horizontal and vertical bars, which perhaps sounds to me like a prank or sarcasm toward the company Microsoft. Plus I noticed four different virtual desktops in the default of this OS, however, I was shocked not to find any switch panel anywhere on the screen, this is certainly a weird thing to see.

The fourth reason: The ROSA Lab was seen giving some good facelift to this OS, with some replacement of KDE menu embarking in ROSA's style. However, I find the ROSA based menu pretty bad as compared to the standard KDE choice. We have to go closer to these finger based interface, perhaps I call it a wrong choice for desktop users. When I looked at the menu carrying applications, I found irritating to see sections simply placed one after the other. I had to scroll down the bottom of the list to find the desired one, which is certainly not user friendly thing.

The worst part is that these groups of apps are used as a separate thing but not for the navigation part. This is generally seen in the Android based phone devices and not fit for desktop users.

Broadly speaking, I wasn't pleased with this system for above said discussed reasons. Perhaps, I don't mind getting rude and saying that this system is completely a disaster with so many flaws. The fact is that there are many such flaws which can be added here, however, I have just enlisted a few which I come across while dealing with it. Anyway, I have now all the reasons to avoid using and prefer downgrading the lower versions of Linux rather installing Mandriva Linux 2011.

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