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At present, are you still crazy for iPhone. Maybe

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-06

However, have you ever met some problem with iPhone, like the broken screen? Do you know you can just repair it just by your own? Here in this article, we'd like to tell you more.

Actually, we'd like stongly to recommend you one online item, cause will tell you more. Just check here:, you could see more how to repair your broken iPhone screen with cell phone lcd screens. More important, it comes with 5 piece tool kit for easy and convenient operation, so that you can repair it by yourself absolutely.

As we all know, in case the iphone screen broken, Apple will charge a quite expensive fee, including not only the iphone screen replacement and , but also the cost of repair and maintenance, which depend upon what kind of iPhone you have, cause there are kinds of iphone screen size. So why not repair it by yourself. All you need to do first is just to purchase the replacement on at quite affordable price, more cheaper than that in Apple store. What means you can fix it yourself for less than $20. So unbelivable! By the way, although Apple does have a one-year warranty, this never normally include a broken screen. Such kind of accidential damage to your iPhone automatically voids the guarantee. In the electronic market, there are a variety of third-party companies that sell replacement screens. However, due to the excellent quality and good reputation of products, we are alway keeping good sales situation. This cell phone lcd screen is one of our best sellers.

Once you have the kit, you also need a hair dryer. You should remove the docket screws and put them in a safe place. Then you will carefully use the suction cup to carefully remove the glass on the top. This is a set of ribbon cables that you trully need to be carefully separated from the iPhone. Once you get that off, you should use the hair dryer to soften the material the attached screen. It is a tool like a scraper, which will eliminate the dark matter from the screen and cell phone signal jammer. Once off, you can attach the material the replacement glass to the dark matter. Then re-attach the ribbon cable to the phone from the glass. The docking station for flat cables has a component that must be upwards. When the ribbon cables is put in place, fold the flap down. This will lock the cable in place. You will put the glass back to the phone book and re-attach all the screws back. The wars that you did and it took less than ten minutes. By the way, it is quite important to ensure you test your iPhone when you are done. In the the ribbon cable is not locked rightly, your iPhone will not work.

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