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As one of the most popular smartphones on the market

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-03

1. Work as a galaxy s3 flip case with stand

Well, protective case may be the basic accessory a s3 owner may need for his precious phone. So this accessory looks and works as a flip case basically. The back cover of the case is actually an external battery, which can also works as a case to protect the back of your phone. And unlike Samsung pouches, this case has a flip cover made of PU material to protect the front touch screen. PU is soft and durable to keep the screen from destructive grease or other minor hazards, and it can be folded on the back so it won't make you inconvenient.

And when you watch videos or play games on the table, there's a small stand on the battery case. It can help your s3 stand on any platforms so you can enjoy your smartphone freely. And when not need, just push the stand into the phone. Isn't it great?!

2. Work as a 3200mAh galaxy s3 external battery

As we all knows, Samsung seals the battery part into the samsung s3 just like iphone, so that no replacement batteries can be changed. However, you can still get an external battery to charge your phone on the go. And yes, this brilliant galaxy s3 case can work as an external battery, and it has 3200mAh! With the case function, you just put the accessory on and it can charge your phone and work as a protective case simultaneously. There're 4 small smart led lights on the bottom of the battery case to indicate the battery level. This battery case is rechargeable so you just need a microUSB cable to charge the smartphone.

3. Compatible with multiple versions:

l Samsung Galaxy S 3 / III GT-I9300

l Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-I747, for AT&T

l Samsung Galaxy S III SPH-L710, for Sprint

l Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999, for T-Mobile

l Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-I535, for Verizon

l Samsung Galaxy S III SCH-R530, for U.S. Cellular

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