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Apple wireless charging three-piece must-buy: Powerboys wireless charger

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-18
It looks like this after you assemble the accessories, but before you assemble it, I suggest that you install the original Apple Watch charger into the circular slot on the right. That's it. If you want to charge the device before going to bed at night, just put these three digital devices on the LINKPO wireless charger, and the charging problem will be solved. There is no need to find three chargers every time you charge. It is very convenient and very suitable for Apple. user. If you don’t stand up like it, you can also lay it flat on the desktop. There are 4 non-slip foot pads on the back of the LINKPO wireless charger, which can be firmly 'adsorbed' on your desktop. In addition, the input interface of this wireless charger is the popular Type-C interface. In addition, it supports 5V/3A, 9V/2A input, specifically: iPhone Outout: 7.5W (5V/1.5A) AirPods Outout: 5V/600mA Apple Watch Output: 5V/600mA The wireless charging standard of this charger is Qi standard. Since Apple released a mobile phone holder that supports wireless charging, the wireless charging industry has entered an explosive state. More and more mobile phones supporting wireless charging are released on the market, and more and more wireless chargers are available, among which there are many kinds of wireless chargers. Recently, Charging Network learned that there is a unique and practical wireless charger that has been crowdfunded by the well-known foreign crowdfunding website INDIEGOGO (linkpo customer). Currently, it has completed the crowdfunding and received a crowdfunding amount of $598,661. This wireless charger The charger, with the function of 'one thing, three functionsWhy is it one thing, three uses, or is it tailor-made for Apple users? It can be seen from the front of its packaging box that it can provide charging locations for three different devices. These three devices are AirPods, iPhone X (or mobile phones that support the Qi standard), and Apple Watch. But before that, you need to assemble it yourself, just like assembling toys yourself when you were a kid. It's very simple and fun.
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