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Apple urgently responds to the flood of iMessage spam

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-06
In response to the widespread media reports on the prevalence of iMessage spam, at noon on August 2, Apple officially responded to the China-Singapore Jingwei client (WeChat public account: jwview), saying that we attach great importance to Chinese users, and we are currently exploring more ways to do so. To further reduce spam, including the use of more advanced machine learning models to identify spam, and the introduction of more tools to prevent malicious sender accounts. In addition, Apple is contacting domestic telecommunications companies and exploring other methods that can be taken to alleviate the trouble caused by spam. 'Through iOS, we have introduced some countermeasures that users can easily adopt, such as filtering unwanted contacts or phone numbers, blocking messages from unknown senders, and reporting iMessage messages that are suspected of spam. We will continue to work hard. Protect our customers from spam.” Apple said, “Apple launched the SMS fraud extension (malicious text message blocking plug-in) in iOS 11, allowing third-party apps like Tencent Mobile Manager to detect potential spam messages. , And move them to a dedicated folder.” Previously, the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client (WeChat public account: jwview) survey found that behind the proliferation of iMessage spam, there is a mature industry chain. Not only are businesses selling iMessage mass-sending devices and sending iMessae spam messages at clear prices, but users’ AppleIDs are also suspected of being leaked and sold.
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