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Apple updates iOS 12 Beta 4 mainly to fix bugs

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-16
According to the official tips, this iOS 12 beta did not bring us new features. The main content is to optimize system stability and fix some vulnerabilities that have received feedback. In the early morning of July 18th, Beijing time, iOS 12 finally ushered in its fourth version of the developer beta. This time, the version number of iOS 12 Developer Beta 4 is 16A5327f, and the iOS 12 developer beta has been upgraded before. The device can be directly updated and upgraded via OTA. The official update instructions are as follows:    Fix the App Store may not be able to download normally when downloading the App for the first time; Fix the iPhone X's mobile signal status bar may be inaccurate on the lock screen or the home screen;    According to the current upgraded users Feedback from, this beta version fixes the problem that the notification center of the lock screen interface disappears from time to time; fixes the blur problem of taking pictures, especially continuous shooting; fixes the bug when setting photos as wallpaper; in addition, web pages, emails The smoothness of the page has also been improved; more dynamic stickers to choose from have been added to the 'information'; Animoji has more choices of lip shapes in post-processing.   However, although I have already upgraded the main machine to iOS 12, I still do not recommend that you upgrade the main machine to the developer beta.
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