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Apple takes the lead this year, 3D facial recognition phones will exceed 100 million units

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
Finally, Apple will continue to consolidate its position in the 3D sensor smartphone market, because in September this year, Apple will also release 3 new iPhones. The key is that it is said that every model will be equipped with 3D sensors regardless of the price. Face ID function. Based on the continued strength of Apple's iPhone and the successive addition of the Android camp, DIGITIMES believes that 3D sensor technology will be more and more used in the entire mobile phone market, so it is not a problem to exceed 100 million in 2018. Of course, the analysis believes that the iPhone is still the main force in the shipment of 3D sensor phones. The total shipment of the Android lineup this year may only be 12 million at most. TOF 3D technology may not start to gain more momentum until 2019. Read the full article On July 17, Taiwanese media DIGITIMES, which is closely related to the supply chain, published an analysis article saying that after Apple launched the 3D structured light Face ID on the iPhone X in 2017, it attracted various brand owners to successively launch 3D face recognition phones. After mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO and other manufacturers make efforts, more related new products will come out in the future. It is expected that the global shipments of mobile phones equipped with 3D face recognition sensors will exceed 100 million in 2018. This year there are more and more mobile phones equipped with 3D sensors. In May, Xiaomi launched the Mi 8 Discovery Edition, which not only provided screen fingerprint recognition technology, but also equipped with Face ID function. This is known as Android’s first integrated 3D facial recognition Technical mobile phones will be available soon, and the price is expected to start at 3699 yuan around July 24. After the Xiaomi Mi 8 Discovery Edition, in June this year, OPPO also released Find X, a flagship phone equipped with a 3D sensor. This is the world’s highest screen-to-body true full-screen mobile phone. Its innovation lies in the introduction of a 'dual-track periscope structure, Thus forming a 'full hidden 3D camera.' The machine went on sale on July 13, starting at 4,999 yuan. In addition to Xiaomi and OPPO, vivo also announced at the end of June that it will introduce 3D sensors for its own mobile phones, so it launched the vivo TOF 3D super-sensing technology, which emits up to 300,000 effective depth information points, which is the structured light solution of Apple iPhone X 10 times the projected information point. Vivo confirmed that TOF 3D related mobile phone products will be launched at the end of this year. As for Samsung, although the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 have facial recognition functions, they are all 2D sensor solutions that can be fooled by using photos. There are rumors that Samsung headquarters has also been developing 3D face recognition technology, which is likely to be brought to a brand-new model by the end of this year.
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