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Apple's innovation continues to decline? Apple may expand its marketing team to introduce innovative talents

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-10
After the death of Steve Jobs, many in the industry believe that Apple's innovation is declining. It is reported that in order to strengthen its own brand, Apple is currently looking for talents, and it is expected that the size of its internal marketing and design team will be doubled.   Apple’s team currently has about 300 employees, and will add 200 to 300 new employees in the future. Ad Age believes that this move will enable Apple to better control its intellectual property and creative work.   In July of this year, statistics showed that viewers believed that Apple’s 'Designed by Apple in California' advertising campaign was a failure. These advertisements are produced by the advertising company TBWA/Media Arts Lab. The focus is not on the specific functions of the products, but on how these products change people's lives. It is reported that Apple will continue to cooperate with external advertising companies, such as TBWA/Media Arts Lab, Mono and Eleven, but the internal team will work on more projects and participate in all aspects of marketing, such as website design and production of instructional videos for Apple products. As well as maintaining large-scale internal advertising production facilities.   It has been previously reported that Apple is hiring executives with creative work experience in the advertising industry to help brands and advertising companies in the iAd advertising network make better ads.   This article has been compiled and published by the Global Information Network (, and shall not be reprinted without authorization!
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