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Apple releases the third public beta version of macOS Mojave

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
The main new feature of macOS Mojave is the system-wide dark mode, which provides Mac users with a new way to browse the operating system. The improved Mac App Store makes it easier to find great apps than ever before. The improved Finder window has a picture library view, sidebar, quick search and quick operation, making operation and editing easier, while the desktop stack can quickly organize all files on the desktop. In macOS Mojave, Apple News, stocks, home and voice memo applications have landed on the Mac, and you can now use Siri on the Mac to control HomeKit products. The FaceTime group chat feature of iOS 12 can also be used in Mojave, which allows you to chat with up to 32 people at the same time. In the next few months, we will also see more test versions of macOS Mojave, and Apple hopes to find vulnerabilities and fixes before the official version is released in the fall. Apple today released the third public beta of macOS Mojave, giving non-developers the opportunity to try the software before the official version is released. The second public beta was released 10 days ago. Today’s third public beta of macOS Mojave has the same content as the beta 4 released yesterday. In addition, 2018 MacBook Pro models can also experience the macOS Mojave system. Developers who have registered for the Apple beta software program can download the beta version of macOS Mojave through the software update mechanism of the Mac App Store. However, subsequent betas will be installed via the software update icon in the system preferences. As of now, we have not found any new features in the third public beta of macOS Mojave.
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