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Apple releases the fourth developer beta of iOS 12 system

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-18
In addition, the update log also mentions that Siri shortcuts may not work properly when using CarPlay, and Siri shortcuts may not be restored from iCloud backups, and may not work properly when the device is locked. SiriKit queries may be delayed or cause error messages. . In any case, any beta test version of iOS is as its name suggests. Everything is still in the testing stage. In most cases, the performance may not be as ideal as the official version, and it may even be extremely unstable or lose data. So if your The equipment is the main equipment for daily use. But if you are interested in beta testing, or if this is your non-mainstream machine, it is best to back up important data before you try it. Read the full article In the early morning of July 18, Apple released the fourth developer beta of the iOS 12 operating system. The last developer beta was released in the early morning of July 4, just two weeks later. If you are a developer and have a developer account, the complete firmware package of the new beta system for all operating systems can already be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center. Of course, devices that are already in developer beta status can also be updated via OTA if the correct configuration files are installed. The build version number of the fourth developer beta version of iOS 12 is 16A5327f, while the version number of the previous third beta version is 16A5318d. As in the past, the focus of the fourth developer beta of iOS 12 is also on the fixes and performance improvements of regular bugs. There are no very obvious new feature improvements, so some improvements in details compared to the third developer beta, especially It is the minor adjustments of the interface and functions that need to be experienced in order to dig out. According to the description of the beta 4 update log released by Apple for developers, there may be some problems with functions such as screen time, App Store, and Siri shortcuts. For example, the App Store may not download the app normally when it is downloaded for the first time. At the same time, the phone signal status bar of iPhone X may not be displayed accurately on the lock screen or the home screen. The screen time data and settings may not be synchronized between devices. Apple recommends restarting to solve the problem.
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