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Apple releases iOS 13.6 beta2 beta, new audio news and custom download updates

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-02
Today, Apple launched the iOS 13.6 Bata 2 beta system for developers, adding Apple News+ audio features, and downloading updated customization options.   Today, Apple launched the iOS 13.6 Bata 2 beta system for developers, with the addition of Apple News+ audio functions, as well as downloading updated customization options.   Apple just launched iOS 13.5.5? Beta 1 last week. Soon, Apple made another 'level jump' on the beta system. A week later, Beta 2 directly became 13.6. The update speed is so fast that people can't expect it. Then I will briefly talk about the new features, Apple News+ audio and download update customization options.   Apple News+ audio is easy to understand, Apple will provide news reports in the form of audio. Prior to the launch of the Apple News+ news function, Apple has been negotiating cooperation with major publishers to obtain permission to produce audio versions for some news. Previously, there was a bill 'Listen to a quick recap of today's top stories.' in the relevant system code, which may mean that Apple will provide users with an audio summary of important news of the day.  In addition, the download of system updates is based on the previous details. In the previous iOS/iPadOS, the new system automatically downloads in the background and automatically updates and installs (two bindings). In iOS 13.6, more function switches have been added. Users can customize whether to download or install updates after connecting to WiFi (it is enabled by default).   By opening the 'Settings' application, select the 'General' section, click 'Software UpdateFor users who don’t want to download updates automatically without manual confirmation, this new switch is a welcome change, because updates take up valuable storage space. This is the information about Apple's iOS 13.6 Beta 2 system. If you have a mobile phone that needs to be repaired, remember to find a lightning repair. After all, we are professional in repairing mobile phones.
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