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Apple iPhone mobile phone protective film, Shenzhen PET screen protective film prices

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-30
Apple IPHONE 4G filming step second step: align the adsorption layer to the corners of the screen, make sure that the position is aligned, and carefully smooth it while tearing off the release film No. ①, because the OK8 protective film has an electrostatic automatic adsorption function, which is generally not in the process. Too much ironing is required. It is recommended to paste the film from the side with more concave and convex surfaces of the screen, from point to line, and from line to surface. Note: If there are tiny bubbles generated during the filming process (not due to dust), it can be used The wiping cloth can gently smooth and squeeze, even if you ignore the tiny bubbles, it will not be a big problem. Generally, the bubbles will disappear by themselves in 3-5 days. Apple IPHONE 4G filming step third step: after bonding, if there is any ② The release film can be removed. The protective film can be removed; if it is necessary to remove the protective film, you can use a transparent tape to stick to the corner of the screen protector. Gently lift it up. Note 1. Film The screen must be thoroughly cleaned before. 2. ① After tearing off the release film, be careful not to touch the adsorption layer with your fingers, otherwise it will affect the effect of the film. 3. In the process of pasting, do not tear the release film ① at one time. You should tear and paste it at the same time. When the bubbles are found to be pulled back a little, use a cloth to smooth them. The above mobile phone filming tutorial is simple, easy to learn, and practical, very suitable for all people who are new to mobile phone filming. As long as you can follow the above mobile phone filming tutorial step by step, your mobile phone filming technology will be very superb. This is a brand new, incisive and practical tutorial for Apple iPhone 4G mobile phone film.
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