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Apple and Samsung sparred, the president came to help

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-09
After US President Obama vetoed the import and sales ban on some iPhone and iPad products last Saturday, some Samsung products will also face the threat of a possible import ban this week. Competition in the smartphone and tablet computer markets is becoming increasingly fierce. The two major technology giants, Samsung and Apple, have been fighting hard on patent issues. Obama 'rescued' Apple. In early June of this year, ITC made a final ruling on Samsung Electronics’ suing Apple for infringing its patent rights, concluding that several of Apple’s iPhone and iPad products infringed Samsung Electronics’ patent rights, and ITC was announcing the results At the same time, it also imposed import bans and sales bans on Apple's allegedly infringing products, prohibiting these products from entering the US market. It mainly includes the i-Phone4, iPhone3GS, iPad3G and i-Pad23G of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (35.67, -0.10, -0.28%) (ATu0026T), while Apple’s new products iPhone5 and iPad4 are not included in the ban. Last weekend, it was an excellent day for Apple, because US President Barack Obama vetoed the import and sales ban issued by the U.S. International Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as ITC) in June against Apple’s iPhone4, iPhone3GS and other products. This allows Apple to continue to sell these products in the US market.  Samsung’s share price fell    Affected by the rejection of Apple’s ban last weekend, Samsung (005930, KS)’s share price fell 0.93% on Monday, while the South Korean stock index KOSPI200 index fell 0.43%.   In view of a patent infringement complaint filed by Apple, ITC will decide on this Friday whether to impose an import ban on some of Samsung’s products. 'The Wall Street Journal' report shows that Samsung's Galaxy smartphones and tablet products that will be affected by Friday's resolution include GalaxyS, GalaxySII and GalaxyTab10.1, while Samsung's latest products such as GalaxySIII and GalaxyS4 are not included.  Patent disputes have a long history. Patent disputes appear frequently in the United States. Public information shows that patent disputes between Apple and Samsung have never ceased since mid-April 2011. In 2012, the number of patent-related cases recorded in the United States was 5,189, an increase of nearly 30% over the previous year.
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