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Apple AirTag attracts the crowd! Hundred Yuan 'Fragrant Pastry'-Apple, AirTag-Fast Technology (Media under Drivehome)

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-30
Apple AirTag is small, but its magic is great. In the two years before it was officially released, the industry kept breaking news, which not only attracted widespread attention and even kept on top of the headlines of the technology media. Many people wonder why such a 'gadget' has received such attention, is it just because of the 'ultra-bandwidth' technology behind it, I think it's not that simple. Small tags and big ambitions are not only Apple companies, but the reason why people pay special attention to Apple AirTag. In addition to the greater influence of Apple's brand, it is actually more because once Apple implements a certain technology, it will always run through, and it can be equipped with an ecology. For example, Face ID bred 3D vision is a good proof. AirTag is defined by Apple as the application category of 'Finding Object Tags'. A typical application scenario is that Ma Daha always forgets where to put a lot of things. With this, you can easily find it. But anyone with a discerning eye knows that this is just the appearance. If it is just for these purposes, there is no need to launch this product. Apple's greater ambitions are bound to be behind it. What is super bandwidth? Therefore, many industry analysts believe that the reason why Apple AirTag has attracted so much attention is because of the powerful Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology behind it. I believe that many media have already thoroughly analyzed this technology. Simply put, its advantage is that it allows indoor or even low positioning, can provide centimeter-level positioning accuracy and low power consumption. Ultra-bandwidth technology can not only help Ma Daha find the key, it also has greater commercial value. With ultra-bandwidth, accurate indoor mobile phone navigation can be realized. This technology has more commercial value in many fields such as industry, security, and medical treatment. If armed drones are equipped with this technology to accurately position and fly indoors, wouldn't it become an assassination artifact in the 007 movie? The Internet of Things is here! Thinking of this, I can't help but sweat, but it is undeniable that many technologies will be applied to the military first. But if we go deeper, isn’t Apple AirTag, a small thing, a typical case of IoT landing applications? We always say that the Internet of Things is a very virtual concept, but the ultra-bandwidth technology behind Apple's AirTag is the key to the Internet of Things. You may wish to consider carefully, what is the reason why a mobile phone can completely change our lives? In fact, the answer is very simple, it is 'networking + positioning'! Through observation, it is not difficult to find that almost 100% of the various APPs that affect people's food, clothing, housing and transportation rely on the two cores of networking and positioning. Data interaction and location-based are the core of 'intelligence'. Concluding remarks: A mobile phone to get through the 'internet + positioning' is enough to subvert the world, so what about the Internet of Everything in the future? In the past, we realized the ability to connect many smart terminals to the Internet. Now, the ultra-bandwidth technology behind Apple's AirTag gives everything the ability to 'locate'. If more terminals have ultra-bandwidth positioning technology in the future, its level of intelligence will be far beyond imagination. 'Who am I? Where am I?' It seems to be a sentence people ridicule, but it is the basis of the interaction of intelligent things. With 5G and ultra-bandwidth technology, the wheels of the Internet of Things era are slowly rolling in.
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