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Apple 7 screen change_mobile phone repair installation graphic tutorial

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-23
Posted on 03.17, a graphic tutorial that teaches you how to change the screen of iPhone7 by yourself. This article describes how to install when changing the screen. Method/Steps Use scissors to cut open the packaging bag, PS: Please be careful when taking out the cable. 1 Install the return key → 1. Pass the return key from the outside. Then paste the return key. 2 Fasten the return button cable buckle 3 Install the LCD bracket 4 Use a Y-shaped Samsung screwdriver to install the six LCD bracket fixing screws. 5 Install the return key fixing iron piece, and then use a Y-shaped Samsung screwdriver to install the four fixing screws above. 6 Use a Phillips screwdriver to install the earpiece net fixing screws. 7 Install the front camera cable, please align the position of the cable. 8 Install the handset and use a Phillips screwdriver to install the fixing screws on it. 9 Install the handset fixing bracket, and then use a Phillips screwdriver to install the three handset fixing screws. 10 Use a spudger to clean the sealing tape around the lower frame. 11 Then paste the waterproof sealer glue. PS: The waterproof effect of the waterproof glue pasted after disassembling the machine is very unsatisfactory, and it is not convenient to merge the screen after pasting the tape. You can consider not sticking waterproof glue. 12 Fasten the front camera cable buckle, and then install the upper fixing iron plate, using a Phillips screwdriver, install the upper fixing screw. 13 Then turn the screen over, buckle the LCD cable buckle, and install the upper shielding cover. And use a Y-shaped Samsung screwdriver to install the fixing screws above. 14 Check the function of the mobile phone when it is turned on, and whether some functions are lost due to the loss caused by disassembling the phone. 15 After checking that the phone is functioning normally, merge the screens. 16 Using a pentagonal screwdriver, install the two pentagonal screws under the phone. 17 At this point, the installation is complete. Video viewing address→ 18
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