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Apple 6 slow motion video shooting tips

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-06
Posted on 06.28 Many students who are familiar with photography know that shooting slow-motion video is an easy task for digital cameras and SLRs, but mobile phones are more difficult to achieve. However, after Apple’s IOS9.0, slow motion shooting has been added. Today, let’s take a look at how to use the phone’s camera function to achieve slow motion shooting on Apple’s cameras. Method/Steps Of course, the first step is to turn on the camera button on the homepage. The slow motion setting is an additional function for shooting video, which must be implemented through the camera application. 1 Then, we will see the shooting angle, which is the same as taking a photo. However, video shooting is not possible directly in this way. First of all, the left side of the net slides, and the yellow font below stops when it shows slow motion. 2 After switching to slow motion, we stop sliding and then stabilize on this button to prepare for video shooting. 3 Press the red shooting button, and then move the camera full to record the slow motion video we need. After setting, release your finger. 4 After finishing, we go back to the main page of the photo album or photo album. At this time, we will find that an album folder called 'slow motion' appears. Open it and you can see the video we shot. 5 Press and hold the play button after entering, you can watch the recorded video. 6 Of course, we can also choose to send or share the captured video, but remind everyone that the video captured by Apple is relatively clear, so the general station has more memory, we'd better move to the computer and delete it on the mobile phone. 7
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