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Apple 6 retrieves storage space by cleaning up photo albums

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 06.28 There are two things on the iPhone that consume quickly: power and storage space. It is very easy to extend the battery life, but the iPhone does not support storage space expansion, so users can only free up more space by cleaning up the content after the space is full. In fact, there are many ways to clear the memory. Today we will look at some basic ways to clear the memory by clearing the album. Method/Steps First, we open the photo option on the homepage of the phone, because the first item we need to clean up is definitely the photo option. 1 After entering, we click to enter the photo stream or photo album. Usually, during our shooting, there are some photos taken to illustrate the facts, or things that need to be remembered, and random shots can be deleted. 2 Since the pixel of Apple mobile phone is 800~1200W, the size of each photo should be between 2M~4M. If you delete 50 photos, you can save nearly 100M of space. 3 Then exit, let’s take a look, there are selfie albums below, I need to remind you that Apple 6 will all be 4K high-definition cameras, so if there is a selfie video, it’s best to save it to the computer and delete it on the phone. Lose. 4 Of course, after deleting from the photo stream, the space cannot be completely freed up, because Apple has set a deleted album to prevent accidental deletion, and it contains all the photos deleted by itself. Clear it here to save space. 5 Then, go back to the album and pull down, and you will find many photo albums created by the APP, which can be deleted in the general sense. 6 For example, when we open QQ, we will find a lot of network pictures, just delete them directly. 7 After deleting them all, a lot of space should be freed up. 8
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