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Apple 6 does not charge repair ideas and steps

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 08.08 when I have time, I have sorted out some ideas for Apple 6 non-charging maintenance to share with you! Methods/steps Replace the battery to see if the battery is lower than 3.7V, if it is lower than 3.7V, activate it 1 Change the battery if you change A new battery won’t work. Let’s change the charger and try to charge it. 2 Check whether the battery interface and tail plug are sweaty or oxidized, cleaned and soldered. 3 Check FL1853 FL1854 R1830 L1401 C1402 R1454. 4 Short-circuit Q1701 test machine 5 Short-circuit Q1403 test machine 6 Slave installation U1401 cannot be replaced U1401 7 Slave installation U1700 cannot be replaced 8 Slave power supply U1202 cannot be replaced 9 Slave installation CPU cannot be replaced 10
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