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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-29
There are many functions of mobile phone protective film, and different people have different needs in different places. Today, a wide range of electronic digital products make mobile phones an inevitable life product. For the people, the mobile phone is just a communication and entertainment product in life. Walking on the street, everyone I saw basically had a mobile phone in use. But not every mobile phone has a mobile phone protective film. Mobile phone protective film, many people understand that it is to protect the screen by sticking the mobile phone film to protect their mobile phone from damage. A simple scratch or scratch, as long as you buy a very affordable protective film, your mobile phone will be more at ease used! In fact, the biggest advantage of mobile phone protective film is not only to prevent scratches and scratches on the mobile phone screen, it is better to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation damage. People’s bad habit of using mobile phones hurts people’s bodies every day. Perhaps the mobile phone protective film can't protect against radiation very much, but it can protect against radiation. For your health, please remember to use your mobile phone correctly. To reduce cell phone radiation in daily life, pay attention to keeping the cell phone and the body three or four centimeters away when answering the phone. When the mobile phone is not connected, when it is connected, and when it is charging, the electromagnetic radiation emitted is several or even hundreds of times the usual. Therefore, it is best to answer the call after the phone rings for one or two seconds; do not sleep with the phone on your back; do not charge while charging answer the phone.
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