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Anti-fingerprint matte screen protective film, repair scratch protective film-protective film manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-29
The anti-fingerprint matte protective film has a low reflectance protection function, and the hardness can reach 3H, which can effectively prevent the LCD screen from being scratched and worn. Obstacle; Relying on electrostatic adsorption method, easy to post; can be posted, cleaned, and reused multiple times; no trace is left after removal. The anti-fingerprint matte screen protector is specially designed for Apple. It has the characteristics of anti-fingerprint, delicate touch, smooth operation, convenient installation and removal, no marks, recyclable use, and anti-air bubbles. In addition to the screen film, the automatic scratch-repairing protective film also has a back film. In this way, not only can the machine screen be perfectly protected, but also the back shell can be protected from scratches and wear. The included accessories are also quite comprehensive, including graphic instructions, electrostatic precipitator film, dust removal stickers, removable pull labels, screen wipes, screen wipes, installation auxiliary handles and bubble wipers. The accessories are comprehensive. The thoughtfulness and the excellent workmanship are impressive.
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