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Android's latest version, Frozen treats Sandwich (ICS)

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-09

New Typeface

That old font, 'Droid Sans' has gone out along with a new font, 'Roboto' is within. Roboto is really a typeface created for the little, high-resolution screens that cell phone and tablet users have and brings a slick, updated feel towards the interface.


In ICS, the dictionary and spell-checking happen to be updated for better error correction and word suggestion. They've attempted to enhance the identification of double-typed characters, missing spaces and skipped letters. Word suggestion will only show three words at any given time within the suggestion strip. Spell-checker has become the best improvement within this group because it will underline misspelled words and suggest replacement words. You may also add words towards the dictionary if it's not recognized.

Screenshots of GPS China android tablet Taking screenshots is usually an essential feature for many users and you don't need to tamper together with your Android device or install third-party apps to be able to drive them. Now you can have a screenshot by holding on the volume down key and also the power button. This can capture the screen and set it inside your photos.

Voice Commands

Android 4.0 presently has the ability to get voice commands. You should use the talk-to-text feature to provide your phone commands or dictate texts.

Updated Camera

While previous versions of Android's camera were lacking, there has been some good improvements with 4.0 which were gained with a few the aid of Samsung. Your camera seemed to be the region in which the the majority of updates are happening. ICS devices will have 1080p video, the shutter lag continues to be removed, easier photo and video sharing, tap-to-focus, face detection, photo filters, along with a photo-stitching panorama mode that permits you to move your camera to consider one continuous picture.

A number of these features happen to be long-awaited by Android fans. There's even various photo editing tools to wash your pictures and simpler methods to tell Google+, text, Bluetooth, Email and Picasa.

Better Browser

The conventional browser may be the new Chrome mobile Internet browser that syncs bookmarks along with other versions of Chrome you have in your desktop or laptop along with other China Cheap tablet pc. The browser are now able to save pages for off-line reading that is great when you're on the highway and unclear about your signal availability. Chrome mobile continues to be updated significantly for speed and today has got the capacity to open to 16 tabs for the multi-tasking pleasure.

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