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All hair systems fall into one of three general

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-17

1. custom made

2. semi-custom made

3. stock pieces

If you're looking for cream of the crop, there is no question about it--you'll want your hair replacement to be custom made, made by hand to match your own requirements.

A custom-made hairpiece is made by creating a plastic mold of your balding area. This ensures that the hairpiece will fit perfectly and the mold retains shape which makes it reusable. You can order your pieces by phone ounce your hair replacement designer has your mold and hair sample (unless your hair changes color ex. gets greyer than you need to come in and let the hair replacement specialist take hair samples from specific parts of your head for the next hair piece).

After the hair replacement specialist decides on a material to be used for the base of your hairpiece, the fabric is secured to the head block and the creation of your hair system begins. Each hair, a duplicate blend of that given you by nature, is than ventilated in one hair at a time. Not only is the color of the hair matched to your own, but so is the texture, elasticity, and wave pattern.

The person who made the hair piece will usually want to cut it in. The cutting in and blending of the hair replacement with your own hair is one of the most important parts of creating a hair replacement. If you do not cut and style it the right way the hair system will look like a hair system. It is important to find someone who knows what they are doing. This is what I found very important after being in this business over 50 years, if you don't cut it right it will not look right! I used to teach all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbeans, what I discovered as a world champion hair replacement hand hair stylist is that most barbers and hair dressers did not know how to cut hair. You really need to watch out for who is cutting your hair. One main thing to look for in a hair stylist and barber for men is if they hold your hair between their fingers. You should NEVER cut a mens hair using your fingers. This will create lines in the hair and not only will it not grow out right it will not look right. a way to cut a mens hair is to use a comb and shears to cut off the length, tapering shears at the ends of the hair so that the hair blends and lays right, and clippers to create an outline. The outline should not be squared it should blend into the neck. You can also spot a good hair stylist if they groom your eyebrows, nose and ear hair.

In My hair replacement studio all the custom-made hairpieces are designed by me and than I cut, style, and maintain your hair. Just as in the case of a tailor-made suit, it costs a little more for this perfection, but customers believe the end result is worth it. In fact, should you decide to buy your custom-made hair system made by a different company and you do not such quality service as described, perhaps you are not getting a custom made hair replacement. You may be purchasing what is known as semi-custom piece.

Although a semi-custom hairpiece is quite a respectable toupee, it is not ventilated on a head from mold replica of your own head with your measurements alone. It is made on one of three various size head blocks, the closest to your specifications as possible.

In addition, while portions of this hairpiece, such as the part area, may be ventilated by hand, the majority is usually sewn by machine. There is nothing actually about the machine process, and it needn't interfere with the basic effectiveness of the piece. Some of the individuality and workmanship put into a custom model is sacrificed, but quite a satisfactory hair replacement can be produced. Whether it will look good or not will also depend on the skills of your stylist when he cuts the hairpiece in with your existing hair.

Your third alternative in the selection of hairpiece is to purchase a stock piece, one that is entirely machine made and often per-made before you place your order.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with owning a stock toupee as long as you are aware of its shortcomings and don't expect the world from it; namely, perfect color match and perfect fit.

The majority of these pieces are made with synthetic hair, making it more difficult to blend with that of the purchaser. Synthetics are usually straighter; they don't have the amount of curl or waviness required to blend in with the hair of the majority of the majority of the hairpiece clientele. Also, the fit often requires some adjustments, since the system is pre-made.

Stock pieces are usually ordered from large mail order manufacturers who are financially able to carry a large inventory. Since there are approximately 18 different hair color shades offered, at least a dozed different sizes, and a variety of basic styles, much more of an inventory is required than a small businessman could afford to keep on hand.

The price of these pieces can make them seem quite a bargain, but keep in mind that they will have to be replaced about four times before a custom-made hairpiece will even begin to show signs of wear.

Synthetic stock pieces can be quite useful to a person while he's engaged in outdoor sports or sunning, and many men purchase them as a second hair replacement just for that person, while continuing to wear a custom-made piece for their business and social lives. As an investment for full-time wear, the stock piece usually leaves a lot to be desired.

Of course, if you are buying your hair system from an experienced hairstylist who truly knows his business, he can make any hairpiece look good on you, weather he custom makes it himself or orders it for you ready made. But consider the fact that if he can make even an inferior piece look good (at least temporarily--while it is new and in its best form), he can make one of quality look perfectly natural--or even better.

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