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All 8GB blessings, the game party was originally robbing these phones

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
The gaming party attaches great importance to the performance configuration of the mobile phone. In addition to the powerful flagship processor, the memory space must also be sufficient. Especially when it comes to storage, I am embarrassed to use it as a gaming phone without 8GB. And the mobile phones to be introduced in this article are all popular fried chicken on the market. I heard that the game party is rushing to buy it, so I can't bear it not to recommend it to everyone! Recently, the most exciting thing in the gaming circle is that the Asian Games officially included League of Legends, Royal War and the International Edition of the King of Glory into the performance items. Although it is not an official event, it is definitely a full affirmation of e-sports. On the other hand, the entry of gaming e-sports into the Asian Games reflects the current hot gaming market. The popularity of games directly drove the popularity of gaming phones. At present, brands such as Xiaomi, Nubia and Asus have launched special gaming phones, becoming the first batch of gaming phone manufacturers on the market. For example, the Nubia Red Devils e-sports mobile phone recommended in this article has been favored by the majority of gamers, and has become a target for the game party once it went on the market.
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