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AirPods Pro supports search function. Netizen: Mom is no longer afraid that I can't find my earphones-Apple, AirPods

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-31
In the early morning of June 8th, at the WWDC21 Apple Developers Conference, with the release of the new iOS 15 system, Apple AirPods Pro headsets also ushered in an upgrade. Due to the small size, I believe that many users have lost AirPods Pro experience. This time, in this system upgrade, Apple upgraded AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, and added support for the search function. Similar to AirTag, it can be located on the Internet or the Bluetooth of the surrounding Apple products, and it can be searched for the entire headset or single ear. In addition to the search function, iOS 15 also brings some new features to AirPods, such as call enhancement, automatically removing noise while wearing headphones, and clearer. AirPod Max and AirPod Pro can also support connecting all Apple devices to play spatial audio. Regarding the search function of AirPods Pro, some netizens said, 'Mom is no longer afraid that the earphones will not be foundUpgrade to me when I’m finished?” Do you think the headset search function is useful?
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