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After thousands of tempers and miracles, OPPO Find X has achieved great results with super high quality

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
Strictly demanding high standards, the quality of OPPO Find X is guaranteed. The first time you see OPPO Find X, you will be attracted by its super large screen, without bangs, making the screen ratio as high as 93.8%. This is OPPO Find X in the production process, whether it is the motherboard, the RF cable, or other small parts are assembled very delicately, coupled with the blessing of COP packaging technology, the 'chin' has almost disappeared. That's why there is an extraordinary screen that brings you an unprecedented visual feast. ????The lifting and aging test makes you no longer worry about the life of the OPPO Find X camera. OPPO Find X's extraordinary screen is not easy to achieve. In addition to the location of the components, the front camera is the biggest challenge. Recently, the hot sales and hot discussions of OPPO Find X have become everyone's after-dinner talk. Some people say that OPPO Find X's first sales scene is so hot, manufacturers must be happy from ear to ear, right? Some people say that the appearance of OPPO Find X is indeed amazing, but I am afraid that it will not be useful...and so on. A series of problems and doubts still exist. However, the success of anything is not achieved overnight. The bitterness and pains that have gone through many trials and tribulations are commonplace. OPPO Find X's production process is very strict, and the standard exhibition is also very strict. Therefore, behind the popularity of OPPO Find X is the result of a lot of people's hard work. OPPO Find X also went through a lot of quality tests before it appeared in front of everyone. As we all know, 'Liu Haiping' is actually a compromise on the front camera. This time, the lifting scheme adopted by OPPO, which has always been at the forefront of science and technology, is also the result of layered consideration and hundreds of thousands of endurance tests. The lifting camera of OPPO Find X can still maintain the original use effect in more than 300,000 times of durability test and drop test. It can be seen that the quality is as solid as a rock. ?? Regarding the aging test of the lift camera, during the OPPO factory trip, the technicians also carried out the operation and demonstration. Because even in the mass production stage, different batches of Find X produced every day will be randomly sampled to ensure that there will be no obvious omissions in the production process. You can think of all the accidents that may occur in your life. In the production process of OPPO Find X, the technicians have demonstrated them for you. A number of tests escort the production of OPPO Find X to ensure the best experience for consumers. In addition to the aging test of the lifting camera, OPPO Find X has also carried out a slight drop test, a drop test, a rain test and dust resistance. Testing, etc., demonstrated all the questions from inside and outside the industry and from netizens. When the Find X camera is raised, whether it is a slight drop test or a gravity drop test, OPPO Find X can still operate smoothly after being picked up, and the camera performance is not affected at all. In the dustproof test of OPPO Find X, technicians place the 'experimental products' in a dusty environment for observation. Observation found that even in the dusty situation, the dust pile inside the OPPO Find X's fuselage is not very serious, but there is obvious dust on the surface, just a little wipe. Next is the 'rain test' that everyone is most concerned about. In our lives, we will inevitably come into contact with water when washing our hands and bathing. Sometimes when we go to the toilet, our mobile phone accidentally slips and touches water, which makes people feel distressed. In response to this phenomenon, the technicians did a rain test, placing OPPO Find X on a flat surface to imitate the raining scene for a 'bath'. However, OPPO Find X is still able to survive. After the experiment, the moisture on the surface of OPPO Find X is wiped dry. It is not a problem to use it normally and smoothly. Everyone's doubts are understandable, but OPPO mobile phones, as the industry leader and innovator, are also among the best in the industry in terms of product quality. With the exposure of the 'OPPO Factory Tour' in the past two days, many people have expressed their satisfaction with OPPO Find X with thumbs up. Therefore, OPPO Find X's first sales success is not groundless, but as it should be. With such excellent quality control, of course, sales can also create good results.
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