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After canceling the headphone jack, manufacturers have put so much effort on mobile phone audio?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
At present, manufacturers such as Xiaomi and JBL have launched USB Type-C connector headsets with active noise reduction. Regardless of their specific noise reduction effects, they are already quite rich in terms of functions. 2 The development of wireless earphones is accelerating. In fact, many companies have already developed wireless earphones before the mobile phone canceled the earphone jack. However, the previous wireless earphones generally have shortcomings such as poor battery life and average sound quality. They only pursue portability and are far inferior to wired earphones in practicality and hearing. Since the cancellation of the earphone jack of mobile phones, wireless earphones have sprung up and developed rapidly. Not only mobile phone manufacturers have to share a piece of the pie, true wireless, hanging neck, head-mounted and other types of flowers bloom. Traditional headset manufacturers such as Sony and Audio-Technica have joined the market and integrated housekeeping audio technology, such as Sony's DSEE HX technology, Audio-Technica's Pure Digital Drive, and so on. 3 Wireless audio coding and decoding innovations In recent years, wireless audio coding and decoding methods have undergone the evolution from SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD to LDAC. In last year's Android 8.0, Google also specially added a wireless codec selection function in the 'Developer OptionsAnd this year, Huawei launched HWA based on LDHC at the P20 conference, and launched products in conjunction with several well-known headset manufacturers. It can be seen that with the cancellation of the headphone jack, the sound quality experience of the Bluetooth front-end has been paid more and more attention by manufacturers. At present, the sound quality of the best aptX HD and LDAC is no longer inferior to the wired internal amplifier of ordinary mobile phones, and the sound quality gap with some mobile phones with independent DAC Hi-Fi chips is getting smaller and smaller. 4 Wireless audio accessories are popular. In addition to innovating the sound quality of the product itself, more and more manufacturers are actively 'opening the plug-in' for mobile phones, and portable Bluetooth speakers have become the new favorite. This kind of speakers generally have a small body, built-in powerful audio unit, and also provide practical functions such as waterproof and dustproof, voice broadcast, etc., which can be said to be a 'street artifact'. In recent years, the removal of the headphone jack on most mobile phones has always been a problem for music lovers, and the trend of mobile audio functions has become more and more elusive. In fact, since LeTV took the lead in canceling the headphone jack in 2016 to today, we can find that manufacturers are thinking of more new tricks to transform our mobile phone listening experience. Today, Mr. JQ (WeChat: leitech) will give you a brief summary. 1 The function and sound quality of the USB interface headset has been greatly upgraded. As we all know, after the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone jack, most mobile phone manufacturers except Apple use the USB Type-C interface to output audio and sell headphones with the USB interface. At the same time, mobile phones that cancel the headphone jack will generally be equipped with a 3.5mm to USB Type-C audio conversion cable in the box. Among them, the latter solution is actually for the convenience of users who have 3.5mm connector headsets, but most of the sound quality does not have any requirements, just sound conversion. But there are exceptions, that is, the HTC adapter cable, its biggest selling point is the built-in DAC chip. The former USB Type-C headset is currently the focus of research and development by manufacturers. Honor launched its first portable Bluetooth speaker at the end of last year, Honor Music Arena, which is a good example. 5 The popularity of dual front speakers Although portable Bluetooth speakers are very popular, there are always people who don't like to bring an additional speaker to listen to songs outside. At this time, the speakers that come with the mobile phone are very important. The vast majority of mobile phones use a single speaker. Previously, only HTC used BoomSound surround dual speakers as one of the selling points of its flagship phones. However, since the cancellation of the headphone jack, the once 'noble' Apple has used dual speakers for the first time in order to make up for the regret of the iPhone 7. Although this year's Samsung Galaxy S9 series retains the headphone jack, it still provides dual speakers tuned by AKG, which is the icing on the cake. 6 Sound technology is back to sight Dolby Atmos audio technology has been very common in mobile phone conferences in the past two years, and there are quite a few products used, covering LeTV mobile phones 2, Nubia Z17, Lenovo PHAB2 Plus and even The latest Samsung S9, etc., may appear on more mobile phones in the future.
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