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A San opens up the Xiaomi phone to refresh the sales record

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-11
Xiaomi's global vice president Hugo Paris posted the sales report in India on the 19th on Twitter: 'Xiaomi India: 20,000 Mi 3s sold out in 2.3 seconds.' Xiaomi sells the Mi 3 mobile phone in India through the local e-commerce company Flipkart. On August 20th, from “15,000 sold out in 2 seconds” to “20,000 sold out in 2.4 seconds”, Indian consumers set the record for the fastest sold-out of Xiaomi mobile phones one after another. One round of sales brought the latest record: 20000 Mi 3s were sold out in 2.3 seconds. Foreign netizens leave a message. It’s worth mentioning that a foreign netizen named @Jeba left a message under Hugo Barra’s message: “It’s a lie to sell out in 2.3 seconds. I got the sale in less than half a second. Out of stock reply. '   Selling out 20,000 units in 2.3 seconds is equivalent to selling 8,695 units per second, which is 0.1 second faster than the August 12 record of 20,000 units sold out in 2.4 seconds, and at the same time it created a new fastest Sold out record. Regarding the Indian market's continuous refreshing of the fastest sold-out record of Xiaomi mobile phones, some Chinese netizens joked: 'I thought that Xiaomi would no longer dare to announce the sold-out time after the false report of product sales in Taiwan. India's Asan is really good! '(Xiaofeng)
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