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A beautiful night, Honor 10GT AIS handheld super night scene experience

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-16
Place yourself in the rooftop view, where the lights are dim, and take the best specimen of Sanlitun’s night view. The scene lighting is dazzling, and the cool photo experience network red wall is carefully arranged with the theme of the beautiful night, restoring the most real and coolest night scene shooting scenes, coveting the interlaced rooms, and enjoying the 'night shooting king' glory 10 handheld super night scene technology; The super-burning and explosive electric sound stage show, high turn the audience, enjoy the special remix of night photography technology and nightlife in the restless night of the tide.   On the evening of July 2nd, Beijing time, Honor held a #潮美之夜#——Honor 10GT night auction tasting at the V plus Lounge in Sanlitun, Beijing, officially introducing (AIS) handheld night scene technology. At the scene, Glory invited opinion leaders from all walks of life, including technologists, internet celebrities, entertainment stars, and sports celebrities, to gather together to experience the powerful night shots of the Honor 10GT AIS super handheld night scene. As we all know, the handheld super night view camera (AIS) is a very powerful function for night shooting. This technology is based on the computing power of the Kirin 970 chip to achieve software and hardware collaboration, through AI handheld detection, AI light detection, and AI anti-shake Processing and AI image synthesis have significantly improved the night shooting effect of mobile phones. Let’s take a look at a sample of the Honor 10GT AIS Super Night View.
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