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8 measures to make mobile payment safe

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.16 Mobile payment has become one of the more common devices in our daily simple payment. However, in the Internet age, mobile payment and transactions are everywhere, and some payment traps have appeared, causing our bank account passwords, QQ passwords, game passwords, etc. to be stolen by some criminals. Therefore, we need to strengthen security awareness in the process of some interconnected transactions. Now we introduce the common sense of reducing security risks in the use of 8 mobile phones. Methods/Steps The software that requires gesture password login should change the gesture password regularly. 1 Turn off the small amount password-free payment function. You can pay without a password. Although it is convenient, it is also risky. If the phone is lost, it is easy to cause economic losses. 2 Use digital certificates, payment shields, mobile phone dynamic passwords and other online banking security products. 3 Ensure the security of the source when installing the software, do not click on unknown links, and do not install unknown software. 4 If you don't often pay by mobile phones, you can turn off balance payment and mobile payment functions. 5 In the public wifi environment, it is best not to pay by mobile phone. 6 It is best to turn on the SMS verification function for large payments. Otherwise, we may become paupers immediately (we are paupers now). 7 Keep your personal ID, bank card, mobile phone verification code and other private information carefully on all occasions. 8
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